Privacy Policy Document Kratos ECS:

KRATOS Security Consultants owns the Emergency Communication System, which provides users with a secure platform for sharing data with a limited number of authorized users. ECS receives no text messages from its user. Rather, it chose a small group of people, chosen by the user, to receive automated generated text.



– A one-time login process, credentials that are accessible at all times, and maintained at all times without any errors in English only. If the user forgets his/her password, it is simple to manage on the application, rather than bypassing to log in with other accounts, such as Google and Facebook.

– Permission to access the contact list in order to send Google Navigation along with SMS.

-The selection of users from the Contact list is only for the purpose of creating single group members; all contacts are saved in the Firebase database with full end-to-end security.

– In an emergency, send a text message with your location to authorized additional group members via the app.

– KRATOS abides by the user privacy policy, ensuring that user data is strictly secured, encrypted, and not shared with third parties.